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Where the Dark Side of the Moon Dey At?

by suntech

The Mysterious Place Wey Dem Call Dark Side of the Moon

E get one place wey dem dey call dark side of the moon, e be like say na for inside space e dey happen. This place no be joke at all, as e don baff scientists and people wey wan know wetin dey there. E go shock you to hear say this dark side no mean say moon no get light o! Na just name them give am because that side no fit show face to us for earth.

The Hidden Secrets Wey De Inside That Area

If you sabi science small, you go know say moon de rotate on top hin axis as e de move round earth. But wetin surprise plenty pipo na how only one part of moon come decide to hide from us forever. The dark side na like secret room wey nobody fit enter or see inside am. Scientists believe say this area fit hold many secrets about our universe and how everything take start.

Wetin Scientists Don Discover So Far About That Side

Serious research don happun onto dis matter and some things don already comot from di findings so far. For example, dem discover say di surface for dat area different wella from di front part we always see; e rough pass rough road sef! Another thing be say radio waves from Earth no reach that side at all – dem just bounce back comot!

Something else wey scientists find out na say dis hidden part get plenty craters (like holes) sotee if pesin fall inside one, im body go disappear finish! Some theories even talk sef about possibility of water being there, but nobody fit confirm am yet.

The Mystery Continues…

As we dey talk so, scientists still dey try find out wetin exactly dey happen for that dark side of the moon. Dem don use satellite and space missions to take explore di area small-small. But e no easy at all because dem need special equipment and technology to see inside dat place wey darkness full.

So if you wan know where the dark side of the moon dey, just look up for night sky when moon show face – na im neighbor be dat! E go continue to baffle us as we de wait make science bring us more tori about dis mysterious part of our universe.

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