Our recommendations for video games and board games, whether or not you are confined


On the night of Friday March 19 to Saturday 20, a third of French people (21 million people) again entered a containment regime in order to stem the outbreak of Covid-19. In this gloomy context, the Pixels du Monde service offers you its latest recommendations for video games (on PCs and consoles or on smartphones and tablets) and board games to continue having fun at home, alone, with loved ones or at home. distance.

  • PC video games and consoles

On PC: “Valheim”, the Viking exploration game that invaded the Internet

A major commercial success at the start of the year and developed by an independent studio, Valheim is a Viking-inspired survival and exploration game made to be played with other friends online. Reinvention of Minecraft-style sandboxes in which you can build crazy buildings and face various monsters, the game seduces with its accessibility.


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