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Definition of Affaire

The word “business” is used in several senses.

A “business” is an economic activity; we can say for example: “He created a business with the help of his bank” The word can designate an opportunity: “This business is sold at an interesting price: it is really a business”. “Being in business”, “exercising the profession of” Business Agent “are expressions belonging to economic practice.

In Universities we teach ”  Business Law  ” whose content goes beyond the notion of commercial law to include in the programs of its study, in particular tax law, labor law, company law and intellectual property law. .

If now we use more specific legal language, a “case” is a procedure . We say at the Palace, “Plead a case”, “investigate a case” “get a case referred”, etc. And, in this last sense, the word “business” may not relate to commercial relations: proceedings having, for example, a divorce, the liquidation of an estate, the resolution of a sale of real estate, are also “business”. “

In this more technical sense, each “case” is materialized by the creation of a file, identified by the name of the parties and by an enrollment number. to simplify the filing of the file and to facilitate searches on the computers of the jurisdiction that the applicant (s) have entered, this number is unique



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