The Old and New Forex Systems


Many people are doubting the automated capabilities of the old and even the new forex systems. These hesitations are totally understandable as the previous editions of these systems prove to be very unstable and lacked the artificial intelligence needed for the system to understand and manage the inconsistencies on the currency trading floor. However, this problem has already been overcome by software developers and newer technologies are being set as the day goes by.

The latest technologies in forex systems now gives them the ability to auto trade even in the most inconsistent and highly fluctuating trends on the trading floor. These same inconsistencies and fluctuations have pushed software developers to come up with the artificial intelligence for these robots to have the ability to adapt to these situations. With this technology, you can be assured that there is a less probability for you to lose profits even when running on auto-pilot.

The technology is commonly referred to as RCTPA or reverse correlated time and price analysis. This technology allows the robot to shift its strategies from one preset action to another as it continuously recognizes the different shifts on market trends. This allows the robot to recognize the trading trends in a couple of hours, thus making it flexible enough to jump from one strategy to another. This is enough reason why the current forex systems should not be compared and stigmatized with their old counterparts as the technology put on by the developers on the latest systems are very reliable as compared with the old school systems.


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