Intelligent Fitness Application on iPhone Is a Perfect Alternative to a Qualified Fitness Trainer


Fitness is the key to a successful and a healthy peaceful living in this era of competition and strict career plans. Working out at a gym with a personal trainer might be expensive for many of us and the timing of the trainer availability might not be flexible to one’s convenience. With these scenarios blocking out on the physical fitness plans, the mobile application developers have released a fitness mobile application. Getting the push to a new workout plan in now easy and practical with this free iPhone app. The application stands apart from the rest of the fitness application as this provides the users with pictorial representations of various workouts. Burning extra calories is easier and cost effective with,” Artificial Fitness Intelligent Application”. The app creates an entirely different workout each time the user steps into this application.

The application is programmed in a way that it understands the different categories of workouts with an inbuilt functionality of creating shuffling of the workouts that analyzes the significance of the effects on the human body. Along with the intelligence to shuffle the routine workouts, the application has the challenging feature of building muscle and also train for endurance. These challenges of body shaping will be guided by the application without the void of a personal gym trainer.

The recommended exercise schedule covers up the perfect total body circuit training during each and every workout for a sculpted and a healthier body. With this app on an iPhone, there will be an interactive tutorial for the user with the details to be explained pictorially. No human errors are possible as the user can keep the log of circuits performed with an assurance of no repeated exercise or body stress due to over working in the gym.

The application is the first AFI (artificial fitness intelligence) program, shuffling of workouts and a timer to keep track of each circuit is accurate. The exercises are stacked to provide the total body circuit training for every time the user workouts.

The application features benefits like the Exercise logs that gauge the users’ fitness levels to track the progression of the weight loss or management. The comparison of the results of the users’ friends or gym buddies with that of the users’ weight results is also possible. These comparisons can be an encouraging parameter for those who have targets on the weight reduction measures. This fitness application is that customized app that could make the fitness conscious people whether young or old to reap the benefits of a successful workout plan at their gym independently.

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