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7 Gift That All Men Would Love To Have

Finding a gift for men can sometimes become a difficult task. Some common gifts could be watches and clothes. But you have already gifted them these gifts and want to give them something they were not expecting. You ask yourself what are some gifts which would they love to receive? You tried to take help from some of your friends living in other cities to help you with this task. Some friends from Kolkata spot a local cake shop in Kolkata and suggest you gift some sweets or cake, some from Gujrat suggested some snacks to give. After hearing all these suggestions you got more confused. If you have a similar situation like this I have curated a list of gifts that all men would love to have.

Grooming kit

Men who love to style their beards would love to receive this as a gift. Like women men also requires certain tools for grooming their facial hair. A kit with scissors, an electric trimmer, a shaver, an after shaver are some of the contents which you can add to the grooming kit. You can go a step further by adding a custom-made pouch just for them.

Food basket

Food as a gift is hard to go wrong with. You can create a food basket containing all their favourite items. You can also create a basket based on themes that you both can relate to. Let’s say you both have lived in Agra so make a food basket that has some of the specialties’ of Agra that he always loved to have. Add different things like sweets, snacks, or a cake which you can order freshly through online cake delivery in Agra. Decorate the best according to the theme and surprise them with delicious food.

Formal Shoes

A pair of versatile formal shoes would bring a bright smile to his face. You can also go a step further by adding a shoe bag to keep his new shoes safe and clean. We all know how much our dressing plays an important role in giving a person’s impression. With these shoes, he will get many compliments and it will boost their confidence.


Backpacks are great accessories. It is functional and if paired correctly it can also make a style statement. You can gift them a beautiful messenger bag for their new job, or a new laptop bag for their beloved gaming laptop.

Official merchandise

You would know if they are a fan of certain movie series, or if they have a favourite sports team. Use this to your advantage and buy them the official merchandise of their favourite teams and movie series. They would love to show off that gift and would mention you every time they wear it.


Due to covid, we all have been locked up in our homes but life doesn’t stop there. We are having meetings, playing games, binge-watching movies while being at home with our families or roommates. So a good headphone or earphone can be a great gift. You can choose from a wide variety of options that can also fit your budget.


A wallet is an important daily accessory for every man. They have their important cards, cash, and ID like licenses are all kept in the wallet. Find a wallet that consists of all their needs and still looks fashionable. You can also get them a combo set that consists of a matching wallet and belt.

Here’s the list of gifts for men which are new and practical. No matter which role they in your life they would be more than happy to receive these gifts.



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