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Versatile Men’s Business Wear

Watches are a great accessory for men’s business suits, and they often come in versatile colours. A black and silver watch will coordinate well with any colour suit, and a brown leather watch will add a traditional appeal to suits.
Black and silver usually look better with navy, black and grey, and brown and gold tend to look better with brown and tan, but these watches can be paired with any colour jacket without appearing out of place.

Silver cufflinks
Cufflinks are the modern man’s way of dressing up men’s business suits and giving them a fashionable appeal. A nice pair of silver cufflinks will coordinate well with men’s business suits in any colour, and several styles are available, allowing men to let their personality shine through their office attire a little bit more than usual.

Bright ties
Bright ties are great for a few different reasons. A bright blue tie can instantly transform a men’s business suit and a boring boss into a fun office outfit and a person that everyone wants to talk to. These ties bring more energy to a room, and to a person. They give the impression of a fun, energetic person that is guaranteed to make employees smile.

If bright blue is a bit overboard, there are other options that can be used, such as a nice pinstriped tie with a brightly coloured stripe or two. This add the perfect amount of colour to give a lasting impression without taking over the whole room and becoming a conversation piece.

Classic ties
Having a few classic coloured ties in the closet is a necessity for any man that wears a suit. These ties can be worn with any other colour, and they can be worn to any occasion. Classic coloured ties come in solid colours or in a striped pattern, and often consist of colours that will coordinate with literally anything. Some examples include: a grey tie with maroon stripes, a solid navy tie, a chequered tie in browns and reds.
Black, grey and brown or navy

Any three of these four colours should be in a man’s closet. By owning these three men’s business suits, a man will guarantee that he has something to wear for every occasion. Black is more of a formal choice, such as for weddings and funerals. Grey is a versatile colour, and is acceptable for any occasion, as are brown and navy.

These four colours also coordinate perfectly with the accessories mentioned above. For example, bright blue ties can be worn with any of these colours, and can instantly add personality.

Men that are just getting started in the professional world may not have a single clue as to what to wear to the office when they start a 9 to 5 job, but having these few things in their wardrobe will guarantee that they always have something to wear. All of these accessories can be worn with any colour of men’s business suits, and they can be mixed and matched to create a new outfit every single day, guaranteeing that a man can look fresh without having to spend a small fortune on a new professional wardrobe.

For example, a grey suit can be worn one day, and the pants can also be paired with a navy jacket another day to create a new look at half of the cost.

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