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3 Best Ways To Get Traffic to Your Site for Free

There are options in the contest.

1. Request readers to post their comment for a chance to win.

2. If your goal is to acquire incoming links, request readers to post an article about your contest (onto their blogs) and then do a comment to prove that they did it.

3. If getting to know your readers better is a goal, request they finish a short survey to enter to win.

4. A combination of the above points can work well.

Send out a mailing to everyone on your lists giving them notice of the contest. Contact your friends next and notice them of your contest.

Doing a blog post swap would be a good offer. If they post an article on their blog about your contest, offer to do the same back the next time they want to get the word out on one of their promotions.

Next, submit your contest to any contest websites. There are websites who display free offers and contests. It’s more free exposure about the contest. (Tip: Search Google for “submit sweepstake” or “submit contest”).

One could post a message on any boards about your niche with a signature box with a link that leads to your contest.

2. Online Radio & Podcast Interviews

What’s the one thing a talk show host needs every week? More expert guests. To find great content for your website each week can be hard, but try getting guests to commit each week for an interview.

To improve your odds to get on a show here’s some pointers:

1. You must listen to her show a couple times before contacting the hostess to be a guest. Your subject needs to appeal to the listeners the show reaches.

2. Do something interesting or newsworthy. Do you have a charity event planned? Any awards you’ve won recently? If your idea is exciting you stand a better chance to stand out so the host will call you back sooner.

3. You must have an interesting subject or product to share.

4. If you had prior media exposure or sample interviews the host should be informed of that within your inquiry letter. If you have them send her to your media page where you need to have a link to any interviews.

One Good Turn Deserves One Back

What should you do in return to help the Host or Hostess?

• Provide them with a list of suggested questions ahead of time.

• Prior to your appearance send the host a sample of your product.

• Your newsletter list needs to be told of the scheduled interview and what channel or website to find it on. If you help publicize the interview the host will be more apt to invite you back again.

• Make Blog comments to discuss your interview.

• Be as fun and gracious a guest as you can be and don’t forget to say “Thank you” when the interview winds down. (A gift sent to them afterwards is a nice touch).

A Hot Tip: Request a copy of your interview to post on your affiliate center.

3. Strive to Become a Featured Expert Columnist.

A neat trick is to find a website in your niche and offer to be a regular columnist for it.

This can be done in addition to submitting your articles to the big article sites.

It’s actually more difficult to locate reliable persons who will do this.

What do they get out of it?

• Exposure to a target market. (Their exposure grows as my site grows)

• Guaranteed publishing for each article on a niche website.

• Exposure on a website with growing traffic which has good Search Engine rankings.

• More exposure in my ezine and maybe in my autoresponder as articles are added.

• Further exposure on my blog.

What do I get?

• Quality content that is fresh.

Any person is free to write and also submit articles to the larger article directories long as they agree the articles they write for me are only for my website.

Getting more exposure in front of the targeted people who buy your type of services or products is what it’s about. Perform a Google(dot)com search for persons who are already reaching those same persons by their blogs or websites. When you locate a good site with decent traffic (search at Alexa(dot)com for their traffic count), offer to write articles for them. If you get a “no thanks,” persevere, keep on looking and you will find it.

Be easy to work with when discussing an agreement. Work with the blog or ezine publisher and remain flexible, remember many article directories (like EzineArticles(dot)com) will have advertising in the text and around your articles too.

A Hot Tip: Often you can make a pdf report from your article so you can offer it

to your affiliates in your affiliate center. It can be another tool for them to use.

These free traffic generating tips will help your website business toward success.

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